Survey Responses

How I would make Waltham even better

Would like to see: less empty buildings/storefronts on Moody St

Would like to see Waltham Family School receive funding (to survive)

Would like more park and rec programs, less vacant store fronts

What needs to improve: vacant stores on Moody, garbage (empty "nip" bottles)

What I would change about Waltham are improving the roads - lots of potholes and confusing left turn only/right turn only lanes when you have to shift back and forth to keep going straight.

We want a cat shelter from Cat Connection

Want to improve: Quality of public education

There should be an animal shelter in Waltham

The only thing I don't like is the traffic

Take serious steps about fixing the school

See if we can bring back city funding

Put more speed bumps on the local residential roads

Property taxes never go down no matter how often the value of homes goes down. They always go up.

Please improve the infrastructure by repurposing the existing old buildings and improve schooling in Waltham. Also, conduct more community activities on Waltham Common.

Needs improvement: Parks, streets cleaning, snow removal

Need improvement: more opportunities for young families; local coffee shops/bakeries, midrange shopping options, schools, integration of new and old residents, more choices on Moody Street - fewer dollar stores, street cleaning more often, better support for ELL/low income students/families, opportunities for small businesses

Need bicycle access on city streets

More intergenerational activities/events needed to help prosper Waltham's youth in all cultures, thus continuing historical preservation and growth!

More bike paths

Make it easier to donate money to schools or city/state org. w/out the need to go before city council.

Main St traffic is bad; light @ Main and Newton St. is way too long

Lack of good restaurants for those in office parks.

Keep the river clean

It would be nice to have more kid-friendly places

Improve: Public transportation; No direct bus line from my home - the closest 20 min walk

Improve: more coffee shops, stores on Moody

Improve: Make Main Street more attractive

I would really like better street signage - more street names visible

I would love a citywide assc. I would like to see more retail stores. I would like to see more things for the children year around

I worry about the aging water/sewer infrastructure

I want to see more green space

I want to see an overall investment plan/plans to entice businesses into downtown to fill so many open store fronts

I want the farmers market to be allowed to have seafood vendor

I don't like that the town looks messy. Trash on streets and empty run-down buildings

I don't like that the school system treats parents as a nuisance and with disrespect.

Fix the road that national grid just patched

Don't like: traffic, don't pick up trash at Bishops Forest, winter plowing capability/skill

Don't like: Rising property taxes considering commercial tax base especially Raytheon; No reply of emails from elected officials

Don't like - sidewalks are in horrible disrepair

Dislike: Unoccupied shops on Moody, too many dollar shops, no animal shelter

Change: Having difficulty w/cars not stopping for xwalk

CHANGE - speed enforcement on Adams Street

Wish we had a more organized Flea Market. Also wish we had a Walmart!

Don't like traffic

Improve: Public transportation running more frequently

I would like to see more things around Waltham to do for kids and young adults

I would like to see better communication from public officials and more opportunities for youg people to be involved in the community

I think that better marketing for those events will get a better turn out

I think the city could get colleges involved more

I'd like for crosswalks to be monitored because even with walklights cars don't stop

I'd like for elderly complex's where my mom resides on Pine St to have a no solicitor policy w/out polie protection.

I'd like more plaes for the homeless to have to hangout without trampling over peoples homes and property

I'd like more city functions for kids and teens as of now there is not many

walmart or Christmas Tree shop please

More community & family events please

Need: More public investment in downtown public art

The schools - we love the community but wish for school improvement

Improve snow removal


Trash pick-up - sometimes leave mess, without picking up

pockets of isolation (neighbors don't know each other)

More Community Participation - like Riverfest

Allow all night parking along Adams Street and all other residential neighborhoods. Ticketing people for parking near their home overnight is not right and a lame abuse of power

What Waltham is lacking: More trash cans. There is a lot of trash on the streets

More benches on Moody to enjoy the scene

Dislike: Counselors for life

Dislike: Health insurance for parttime councilors

Need bakery or possible Starbucks (we need to go to Newton for it)

Less hair salons, more restaurants, speialty shops

Need cat shelter

Can we turn one of the empty downtown business fronts into a Waltham info center. Waltham does a great number of things but no one knows!

Protect the river. Friendlier access for canoes and kayaks at Woerd St. launch area would help

What I like about Waltham

What I love about Waltham: History, location, river, architecture

What I love about Waltham are the community activities. Feels like a small town, but with all the amenities of a big city.

We like the unique combination of good housing and open space, conservation area

Waltham's great!

Waltham is quiet, I like it

Waltham is a great town!

Waltham has a nice variety of restaurants

The mayor is doing Great!

Positive: pro business

Police are doing a great job

Moody St. is great

Likes: Diversity, easy to walk to all sorts of fun things

Likes: Waltham Land Trust, Greenway Trail, open spaces, the Riverwalk - diversity of restaurants/bars on Moody Street

Likes Waltham trash pickup just the way it isÉ A+

Like: thriving local community (festivals, etc.)

Like: restaurants, multi-cultural "city", river, easy access to Boston, movie therater, ++public library!!

Like: Moody Street, Riverwalk, History, Festivals, grocers - Indian etc., affordability of housing

Like: Good schools, Farmer's Market, Diversity

Like: Festival, variety of stores/market

Like: Diverse, friendly community, close to Boston

Like: Accessible to Public Transport; Diversity of Population; Well known for a variety of restaurants; Hidden nature accesability

Like the Concert on the Common, festivals, community

Like city, neighborhoods, Farmers Mkt, Rec Program esp Yoga

Like - the Riverfest, parks, Moody Street businesses, cultural diversity

Like - diversity, vibrancy

I love Waltham.

I love Waltham

I love the open space and parks!

I love the embrace of the city's history

I love the cultural variety of Waltham, Moody Street, the colleges, Prospect Hill Park, Hardy Pond, and the farm-in-a-city

I love that Waltham has festivals and celebrations nearly every weekend

I like the small town feel and community

I like the diversity in Waltham. Moody Street is the best!!

I like the affordability of rent and access to easy parking. I also really like the convenience to restaurants and stores w/the small town feel.

I like schools/Recreation opportunities; Community Events; Avility to Communicate to elected officials via email; development of Polaroid

I like public transport

I have been a resident of Waltham for almost 9 years and I love this city.

Like: Farmers Market, Proximity to the River, Fun Festivals, Path along River, Fun little stores, sense of community

Like: Diverse, family oriented, famliy friendly events, nature, quiet

Convenience of location, diversity of population, reverse phone call, flowering trees in spring

I like the community events

I like that Waltham is a diverse community

I like the diversity

The 99

Nice quiet and secure place

People are friendly

Sense of community: Waltham is a small town for a big city

I love what Waltham has to offer

"Small tham" = every one knows everyone

Like - Prospect Hill Park - with the new toilets!

Very nice town to line in

Community social event

City life, walking in our community, diversity, proximity to work an family, Boston

We love the plurality of Waltham. The residents are diversified so are businesses. We walk Moody St. almost daily, mostly to "see people".

It's a great city to live in, especially for seniors.

I love Waltham